Franz Wenzel (Team Manager)

Age: 34
Profession: Business consultant
How I got into FPV?
I started with small toy copters in the office, which progressively moved up to bigger models. Later, I made a choice between moving up to video copters or to FPV. FPV won and I’ve been hooked ever since!
When I started?
Summer 2015

Philipp Seidel

Age: 27
Profession: Carbon Fiber Mechanic
How I got into FPV?
After a few weeks with DJI Naza I got bored and wanted to have something faster. Since then I am a blogger (https://blog.seidel-philipp.de) writing reviews, tutorials and doing projects. That’s my life and passion
When started?

Marvin Quast

Age: 20
Profession: Student
How I got into FPV?
I’ve been into the RC hobby since I was 4 years old and I’ve never taken a break from it. One day in 2013, when I had been watching TV (Servus TV), I saw two guys flying their RC wings through the alps while wearing DIY ski-video goggles. A year later I got my first FPV Goggles for Xmas…
When I started?

Lexie Janson

Age: 25
Profession: Python/Web developer
How I got into FPV?
I had always been a gamer and one day someone showed me a real-life game called “FPV”.
Creating my own drones and being active about it was an amazing thing for me. I was so hooked! After my initial introduction into the world of FPV, I’ve never stopped.
When I started?
January 2015

Kamil Poniatowski

Age: 36
Profession: Carbon Fiber Specialist
How I got into FPV?
I have flown RC Model Aircraft since 1994.
After building my first 350mm FPV Copter in 2015, I was addicted and have never looked back.
When I started?
Early 2015

Pawel Laszczak

Age: 15
Profession: Student
How I got into FPV?
I started flying fpv drones about a year ago because of a school project. The Project was to make something about a thing of your interest. I decided to build a FPV Drone because of all the amazing videos I saw online. Since then, I have been training very hard to become the best at what I do.
When I started?
Summer 2017

Deniz Akin

Age: 29
Profession: Automation Engineer
How I got into FPV?
It started with fast and loud RC Jets. Then I watched some FPV videos and instantly wanted to try it. At these times, the good old 450 quadcopters were the state of the art, but they were not fast or loud enough, so FPV racing just hit the sweet spot for me.
When I started?

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